Gelato Vila- Taste The Freshness Of Gelato

We love summer for all the ice cream we get to eat. Chocolate, vanilla, or toasted marshmallow, we’ll take any flavor. Gelato, frozen custard or even soft serve, we’re not picky. We’ll enjoy any of these without abandon. But you must have been wondering about the difference between gelato VS ice cream. Both taste different and yet sometimes the same, so what makes one gelato and the other ice cream?



Gelato is normally denser and milkier in texture yet has a soft elastic texture, while on the other side ice cream feels richer and creamier. It is also to be noted that Gelato has less fat while ice cream is normally heavy on the cream and has a fat content of at least 10 percent.

Gelato uses more milk than cream, and it's 100% vegetarian. Ice creams are churned faster and harder than gelato. Ice creams typically increase in volume (with air, through churning) by at least 25 and up to 90 percent. This makes them a little fluffier. Gelato is churned at a much slower pace, keeping it dense (and sometimes more flavorful).

The temperature at which the two are served is different too. Ice cream is best served at about 10 degrees F. Gelato is normally served 15 degrees warmer than ice cream. If ice cream were served at the same temperature as gelato, it would melt and become way too soupy. After knowing about all the facts about Gelato, you must be very excited to taste it.


Today I am going to tell you about what is Gelato and about a place in Jaipur which serves Gelato. “Gelato Vila” is one such destination for you! Located in C-Scheme, this place was opened up 3 months ago by Arihant Jain. This place offers home-made gelato and are claimed to be 100% natural, they have a refreshing flavour with them. You can taste more than 30 different flavours of gelato here. You will be surprised to know that Gelato Vila is also specialized in making ‘Customized Gelato’. You can give your order as per your choice and they will make it real. The location is becoming quite crowded near the Rock and burger farm in c scheme. 

You can also get discounts on special occasions like Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day etc. Talking about the ambience of this sweet little shop, I must say that the owner is quite creative. You will see the walls of this place beautifully decorated with the magazine pages. It will make you feel like you are in the world of the magazines.

The shop is also opened up with the same name 18 years ago in Europe.  One of their biggest achievements is that their gelato was selected for the President of Italy.

Gelato Vila has one more outlet in Rajapark. In this outlet more than 30 flavors are available. Although it is a smaller store than raja park one, but nicely decorated with magazine papers all over!
Ice creams are interesting, so be sure to try different ones before having your standard flavour!

Some of their specialties I loved at Gelato Vila are Roasted Almonds, Bacio Perugina and Mascarpone Gelato.




Roasted Almonds- As the name suggests this flavour is rich in roasted almonds and contains the crunchiness of the almonds.


Mascarpone Gelato- It is one of the finest flavours for cheese lovers. Mascarpone is made with a rich Italian double cheese and also contains the low fat so be happy and eat cheese with less fat.

Bacio Perugina- Bacio Perugina is a combination of hazelnut and chocolate with a gooey chocolate sauce. I liked the richness and savory of this flavour.

Not only gelato but you can also taste the fresh frappes and shakes which are available in quite delicious flavours. Gelato Vila uses seasonal ingredients to create fresh, dairy free sorbetto all year around.  



Undoubtedly, Gelato Vila is an interesting place with loads of new flavours coming in every week. Make sure to check out all flavours before having yours favorite! 

Gelato is soon introducing cakes as well with the great taste and natural flavours!

F-55, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur

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