Frozen Wanderland- Ice Cave In China!

Are you a winter lover…do you dream of living in a snow castle or to visit an ice place than Ice cave is the place you should know about. Ningwu Ice Cave is the largest of its own kind, situated in China, is the only place that stays cool and icy even in the scorching summery heat.

This cave is located in the Shanxi Province in China. This cave is 280 feet (85 meters) deep and situated on the side of a mountain more than 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) above sea level.

This magic cave’s walls and floors are entirely covered up with slicks of ice which is sharp than a needle. The locals here believe that this cave was formed during the Ice Age like some 3 million years ago.

This place is the best suited for all the winter lovers. The magical cave holds the record of more than 50k footfalls during the warmer season.

This cave has become the point of study for the scientist as the ice here doesn’t melt even in the blazing heat. Some studies reflects that Ningwu Cave is shaped like a bowling pin and this is the main reason it always stays icy as This curvy shape consistently keeps cold air trapped inside, allowing it to stay frozen all year round. It's almost biological, the way the ice cave environment maintains itself.

Tourists can spend an hour in the cave, which is illuminated by 200 light bulbs in varying shades. It is advised to the tourist that they should bring woolen clothes to the cave due to the low temperature. 

This place is on my travel bucket list and what about you...tell me in your comment section below! 






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