Upgrade Your Look with These Sassy Statement Pants

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You all know that it is the last month of 2018 and the festivity is on its peak. Well well well, the party season is ON and you must be very excited to go to a party. In the earlier blogs, I have told you about some of the party wear outfits that you can easily opt for any occasion. Once again to make it simple for you to dress up, I am curating a list of one of my favorite fashion trends of 2018 that is Best Statement Pants for girls.

If you are someone who is not into short dresses and like to keep it simple yet sassy, then this blog is just for you.

favorite fashion trends of 2018

Many famous celebs have been my motivation to shortlist this one particular outfit that is “STATEMENT PANTS”. Recently, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has been spotted in a bunch of looks that involved cool pairs of STATEMENT PANTS. The beauty opted these outfits for the promotions of her upcoming film “Zero”.

Scroll down below to see how to style the best statement pants for girls to get both casual and formal feel.

Have a look at one of my favorite fashion trends of 2018…!

1. Corduroy Statement Pants-

Corduroy or “Cord” pants, as they’re often called, are considered a fall staple because they’re comfortable, they’re protective, and they’re a little warmer than the standard chino or khaki pant. They looks a little more rugged than the usual chino. It’s still a “dressy” step above jeans, but it has an outdoorsy quality. It pairs especially well with bold belts and thick boots as winter approaches.

favorite fashion trends of 2018

Although they offer a unique texture, they’ll make a great addition to your own wardrobe, as well. Just make sure that you know how to wear them. For a more prominent look you can team up corduroy pants with a cropped military jacket, just like Anushka did. Take this simple look to a new level by adding glittery heels.

2. Trouser Statement Pants-


favorite fashion trends of 2018

How about wearing trouser pant with wide cut leg? This tailored pant can be paired with a matching wrap around belt. Trouser pants will give you a classy feel for sure!

3. The Striped Statement Pants-

best statement pants

Go matching from top to bottom by wearing striped pants with striped jacket set. The attraction of this outfit is that you can wear either with or without the jacket as the pants. Isn’t it great!

4. High-waisted Metallic Flared Statement Pants-

best statement pants

Grab the attention of the crowd by choosing for a metallic colour pant. High waisted metallic flated pants are one of the favorite fashion trends of 2018. Take your look to one notch high by teaming the pants with a casual top for a party feel.

5. Loose Fitted Baggy Statement Pants-

best statement pants

Who said one can’t slay in BAGGY PANTS? Take inspiration from Hollywood and Bollywood celebs to wear these pants this festive season with confidence. If you are experimental then go for denim baggy pants and pair it up with your favorite graphic tee or a casual top. The ankle-cut denim pants are such a versatile piece. It can be dressed up or down in the most effortless fashion. For an office going look, pair your pants with a formal shirt.

Well, it all depends on how confidently one can carry this look.

6. Boot Cut Statement Pants-

statement pants for girls

This fashion trend from 70’s is back. If you are skinny then this pair of pants is so prefect for you. Boot cut pants will not only draws attention AWAY from your chicken legs but also adds length to the lower torso, thereby making you look taller than you are. These jeans are tight from thigh region and are flared at the bottom. Add quirky look to your look by teaming these pants with a tee or a sexy top. Round off your look with a pair of heel or platforms. You are ready to go!

7. Sailor Pants-

statement pants for girls

This trending beauty from 90’s is more like the wide bell bottoms and button attached to the waist. These high waist, comfortable and extremely pants can be paired with any party wear top or shirt.

8. Pegged Pants-

statement pants for girls

This funky pant is a combo of harem and tapered pants. These pants are rolled up above ankle and can be worn both casually and formally. Pegged pants are quite sophisticated, so you can slay in them on any occasion.

Are you convinced that you need a pair of statement pants in your wardrobe yet?

The above given Best STATEMENT PANTS for girls can be the perfect OOTD.


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