Fabulous Summer Dressing Ideas without Showing Too Much Skin

The scorching summer is all set to hit!

The temperature is soon gonna raise and so does your body temperature. The coming season demands an update in your wardrobe. In fact the fashion world focuses in also on minimal clothing to stay cool. Soon you will girls in shorts and crop tops.

But what if you are not comfortable in showing too much of skin?

Worry not I have curated some of the great dressing options for summer season. Summer dresses are without a doubt the easiest way to perfect your seasonal style. You don’t need to worry about coordinating outfits. Just add a pair of shoes and a cute bag, and you’re READY TO GO.

Whether you’re after something casual or a style that’s a bit fancier, a dress is a great way to ensure you feel confident. Trust me it is actually possible staying cool and fashionable even when it’s over 35 degrees outside. Try to opt for cotton fabrics, lighter colors, loose clothes, and the right clothing style. Let me tell you how to dress without showing too much skin.

Have a look at some of the summer wardrobe essentials to cope up the heat!

1. Easy-Breezy Maxi Dress:

How about shopping some floral print maxi dresses? This summer fashion trend never goes out of style as it is the easiest way to perfect your seasonal style. A maxi dress will always be a good idea, especially for those not keen to show off their legs. Opt for a maxi dress with high-low hemline. You can wear this outfit in a get together or a causal outing.

2. Midi Summer Dress:

It is one of my favorite outfits for summers. Mid length midi not only look flattering but can also be teamed up with anything. The great part about midi skirts is that they’ll cover up those thighs and knees, keeping you comfortable and trendy. Pro tip for you is that ankle-length, or just above it have a more slimming effect. For example, you can dress it up with tights along with simple sandals and sunglasses.

3. Shirt Dresses:

The scorching temperature has made the shirt dresses are the perfect office-friendly option.

4. Pretty Long Shrug:

Oversized shrugs have that characteristic to make you feel more comfortable and a bit more covered up. In addition it’ll definitely add an oomph factor to your outfit help you look absolutely gorgeous.

5. Flaunt Your Favorite Body Part:

Be it your arms or back or if you have sexy long legs, just pick one asset that you’re comfortable flaunting and let that be the focus of your summer ensembles. Go for- ‘Bear to Bare’ concept!

6. Jump On Jumpsuits:

Whether it is slim fit jeans or leggings, summers demand for breathable clothes. Go for comfy jumpsuits to look chic and are super comfortable at the same time. The best part about this outfit is that it does not expose too much skin!

7. Bring Back Cold Shoulder Tee: 

T-shirt comes in the list of most comfortable clothes and is a must in your wardrobe. If you are thinking to look sassy yet doesn’t want to expose too much skin then you can surely go for a cold-shoulder tee.

8. ‘Slit’ A Bit:

One of the chic ways to reveal the right amount of skin is through slit dresses and flowy long skirts. You’ll look smart enough to balance your look with a high-neck top coz you’re not revealing a lot.

9. Sheer It Up:

This fashion trend is not only gorgeous and on-point but it’s great for someone who doesn’t want to reveal too much. Yes, you can let the people peek but can still manage to hide your imperfections and flaws.

10. Crop Top:

Crop top is undoubtedly the ‘Dearest’ of the fashion world. Girls with different body types can wear it with high-waist bottoms. But make sure you don’t show off too much tummy- just the right amount. Crop top can be teamed up with skirts and pants.

11. Palazzo Pants:

Don’t let that tight jeans torture you in the sweaty weather. Instead, look for chic palazzo pants that are super airy and comfy. They can be worn with anything from crop tops to kurtas! Chic culottes, linen trousers, and cotton cropped pants are also super picks for when you don’t want to show off your legs but can still stay cool.


Hot summers can wash away your makeup. So it maintain your look never use oil based makeup if you have oily skin. Use sun screen and some moisturizer that will moisturize your skin. Leave the rest of the face bare. You would also do well if you avoid any jewelry while going out in the sun.

Stay comfortably chic all season long!





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