Experience The Starry Night At These CAMPING SITES Near Jaipur!

Traveling is one such thing that creates curiosity, excitement and passion within you!

For me travelling also helps us to find our true selves. You might have traveled with your friends and family but did you experience the aura of the nature or architecture of that place? If you have experienced it then the next time you would want to explore more by traveling to many more places and it will be more than just a vacation. Try it once if you haven’t.

This weekend go for camping to feel the fresh air and hear the chirping of the birds at these beautiful places around Jaipur. With all that work that’s piled up and all those assignments to complete, every morning goes to waste in transit. It’s all too taxing, isn’t it? Through the entire journey, all you do is wonder how amazing it would be if you could just go away to some place distant. So, what are you thinking about?

This summer vacation, these are the few places around Jaipur you must go camping!


Located near Kukas Village, Near Tree Of Life Resort, Delhi Highway 10, Jaipur “Tao Experience” is a chain of adventure-themed stays for people who love outdoor rugged adventure, with the smell of a campfire or barbeque burning, with all of the conveniences of a home at your fingertips. During my summer vacations I had visited this place with my family. Tao Experience also has their resorts chain in Jaipur and Jaisalmer.

Spread across the 6.4 acre land, this theme stays has a lot of activities to offer like zorbing, camel safari, quad bike rides against the sand dunes and more. You can also enjoy their tent locations and luxury mud huts set up near the camp, with more rugged accommodations for the true outdoor experience. 
Plan a family holiday this summer and select the Tao Experience for your summer holiday destination! Tao Experience programs for children and cultural immersion for everyone are available and tailored to fit guests of all ages, thereby ensuring that everyone in your family will truly indulge in the adventurous moments
Adding to this, it is in the secure area from where you can stare at the stars!


Located amidst the serene view of Aravali hills, “Bikamp Adventures” is spread across 2.5 acres. If you have an adrenaline rush, then this is just a perfect weekend destination for you. You can experience several adventure activities like cycling, trekking, hiking, archery, air rifling and what-not. I was amazed to see the aura of this place.

The gorgeous sunsets, flocks of migratory birds and breathtaking natural beauty of this place create memorable experiences. Me and my friends didn’t miss the chance to stay at the unique yurt tents set up here!


Located amongst the sand dunes of Bikaner, this camping site fills you with a sense of wonder. You cannot afford to miss the chance of gazing at the open skies. I stayed here with my family. Our trip was full of fun. I experienced the camel ride for the first time here. Not just this but “Rao Bikaji” offeres a variety of tents including Canadian tents, Swiss Tents or Mud tents to increase your camping fun. Also, you can enjoy hot food, a camp fire and local folk dances.

I will summarize by saying that it is truly a place for dazzling night skies and glorious sunrises.


Travellers who like to setup their own camps must visit this white land beauty. It is suggested to carry water and food with you, as there is hardly any source of these two. The water here is salty which you might not like at all!

It is a perfect place to do wedding shoot or sunrise-sunset shoots, and you can even capture the Milky Way in the night. Yes, the sky is that clear as there is hardly any pollution here. “Sambhar Lake” is an offbeat photography place in Rajasthan and it is definitely an ace one. You cannot see anything other than the lake and its emptiness.

I have been to this place so many times with my friends. Every time we set up our own camp and enjoy born fire at this glorious place.

I would suggest you to visit the above given places at least for once. Keep Travelling!

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