Do You Know FRUITS are BETTER with the PEELS?



We all know that FRUITS and VEGETABLES are good for health. But do you know it’s more beneficial if you have several FRUITS / VEGETABLES in their raw form, with the PEEL. Be it apple, banana, oranges or any other FRUIT, all of them come with high benefits if consumed with peel.

There are so many benefits of peeled fruits.

Healthy peeled fruits are also very beneficial for your skin as well. Vitamins, Calcium’s and other ingredients in the PEELS of these FRUITS prove absolutely healthy for one’s body. 

If you’re going to have any FRUIT / VEGETABLE with the PEEL; better put it in water [with little salt] for 10 to 15 minutes. It would make the FRUIT free from chemicals; and entirely health some. If you’re consuming POTATOES without peeling off; take special care of cleaning them properly. 


ORANGES are very beneficial for health; if taken with PEEL. It contains ample amount of Anti – Oxidants / Fibres / Vitamin C. You can keep the PEELS in fridge for long; or make powder of it. The PASTE / POWDER can be applied while making SMOOTHIE or sprinkling on SALAD or SOUP. LEMON PEEL should be used in a similar manner. 

healthy peeled fruits

Have APPLE with PEEL-

PEEL of APPLE is enriched with fibers; which makes the Digestion System work better! It’s beneficial for Muscles; and to strengthen the Immune System. Either have an APPLE with the PEEL; or makes CHUTNEY of the PEEL and serve!

healthy peeled fruits

Have BANANA with PEEL-

BANANA PEEL benefits Eyes; and the retina cells. BANANA PEEL can be eaten as a SMOOTHIE. Otherwise; you can have Sabji of RAW BANANA. Besides; wash BANANA PEEL in vinegar water and boil in clean water. The Boiled Water is equally good for health! 

The above given benefits of peeled fruits are a must read and follow. There is still a long list that includes healthy peeled fruits. *wink*

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