Being conventional is out of trend now!

The mentality of Indian parents is that cliché courses like Engineering, MBA or MBBS can bring job stability and harvest six figure salaries. But gone are the days when students just stick to these courses. In fact students believe in pursuing special courses abroad because colleges in India don't offer them. But wait, it’s time to think again. Not they are thinking out of the box while making career choices.

I have listed below 5 offbeat courses which you can pursue for the long run. Check it out!

Pet Grooming-

It is one such amazing career option for the people who immediately falls in love with animals. It not only allows you work closely with the pets but also gives you an opportunity to know about their behavior. You can either take it as a part time job or full time depending on your choice.

Some of the colleges or organizations where you can apply for this course are-

1. Whiskers & Tails Franchise and Pet Grooming Academy 

2. Fuzzy Wuzzy Professional Pet Grooming

Ethical Hacking-

Think of breaching the security of computer systems and still being paid for it! Sound interesting? Ethical hacking is becoming an interesting yet full time job in our country. Those who keep trying to hack accounts and are always in search of something new can opt for this course. To study Ethical Hacking, you can apply in Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Institute of Information Security.

Tea Sommelier-

A tea sommelier is a tea professional. The starting salary in this profession is 50,000 rupees per month in a five-star hotel. Shocked? Your main work would be giving advice and helping in branding and manufacturing.

There are several institutions in India where you can study for Tea Sommelier. Here they are!

1. Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies

2. Assam Agriculture University

3. Dipras Institute of Professional Studies

Food Flavourist-

Food lovers don’t skip this job option. Several colleges in India offer this course where you are trained to create unique flavours. Make a perfect chemistry with food and flavours. You can apply in colleges like Danapackiyam Krishnasamy Mudaliar College for Women, Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies, Loyola College and more.

Spa Management-

Spa is said to be one of the way to relax your body and mind, but how about giving it a chance to make it your full time profession? Yes you heard it right! Try your hand in Spa management and learn how to ace being a masseuse or masseur. So many institutes in India like Ananda Spa Institute, Orient Spa Academy etc. etc. teaches you the business of spa management and other spheres involved. 

Break the Stereotype!

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