Day 1- Rose Day! Woo Your Girl With These Easy-Cheesy Tricks

The Valentine Week Has Finally Begun!

Firstly, Happy Rose Day to all the couples out there. *wink*

As you all know that Rose Day is marked as the beginning of Valentine’s week. Are you guys too planning to do something extra on this day? There is a huge variety of flowers which you can gift to your girl and impress her in the simplest way. But there are other things as well that you can plan on this special day.

Woo your girl with these easy-cheesy tricks!

Roses are said to be the symbol of ‘Love’ and ‘Beauty’ from ancient times. And if you mix your creativity with the roses I am sure your girl would fall for you even more. Be ready and jump into the pool of love.  

Here’s a list of out of the box ideas to make your lady love feel special on this ROSE DAY.

1.  A Bunch of Roses-

Let’s start your day by gifting a fresh bunch of Red Roses to your girlfriend. Start your Valentine week on a lovable note. Well, just a rose bud can also do wonders to your girl’s mood.

2. Make Rose a Centerpiece-

How about setting a beautiful bunch of red roses as a ‘Centerpiece’ in her room? Everyone can purchase roses but then it will show how much you are eager to put efforts on this one special day. If you actually care then fill the vase with water and put some fresh rose stems each with different color of rose in it. Place this vase near your girl’s bed. She will wake up with a smile on her face.

3. Rose Water-

If your girl is very much conscious about her skin and use readymade rose water, then you can take advantage of this. Make your own rose water and surprise her. The rose water can be used for various purposes like gift it as face toner for your girl or spread it onto the bed sheets to make the ambiance even more romantic and soothing.

It is very easy to make rose water at home. You just have to buy fresh roses and then cut the stems. Now add a handful of roses in a pot filled with water. Let this water boil and leave it to simmer until the petals turns discolor. Your fresh home-made ROSE WATER is all ready to set the mood of you two on fire.

4. Rose Water Bath-

This is a perfect thing to do on this day if you guyz are living together under one roof. Girls too have a hard day and needs to be relaxed. So to lift her mood up and make her feel relaxed plan a rose water bath. For this, you will require around 10-15 fresh red roses. You can use each rose with different color. Remove the leaves and let them float in lukewarm water. Also add few drops of rose water in the bath tub to add essence. As a complimentary gesture set up some aromatic candles around the tub to create a romantic aura. You can also play some of her favorite music in the background to compliment this romantic set up even more. Trust me! She will never forget this sweetest gesture from your side.

5. Help Her in Household Chores-

An easy way to impress your girlfriend is to be better about cleaning up around the house. Start by just cleaning up your dishes immediately after meals, get that laundry off the floor, and so on. Then, move on to general jobs such as cleaning the bathroom every week or vacuuming.

6. A ‘Rosy’ Dress-

Girls love clothes! Pick out an unusual dress for her like how about gifting her flowing off shoulder dress with rose print all over it. She will surely stand out on this day. Offer a sincere compliment like complimenting her character, beauty or something that really made an impression on you. Take a peek at some of the best compliments you can give a woman to spark some ideas!

7. A Sensuous Candle Light Dinner-

Take your girl out for a perfect romantic candle light dinner. You can plan the venue and menu in advance before you leave for your date. Relive those magical moments which you have spend with her. Show her how much she means to you. Give her a ‘Princess’ feeling by treating her right. You can also increase the love by gifting her chocolates and red wine to take the date on a top notch.

8. Romantic Dance-

Since how long you guyz haven’t danced together? If it’s been a long time then this moment is just perfect for you. Hold her waist and bring her close to you. Dance with her and bring the closeness in your relationship. Although it may be tempting to appreciate the beauty of a woman you’re interested in, avoid looking her up and down and go for the eyes. Eye contact produces a powerful, subconscious sense of connection. It has also been related to feelings of mutual likability and trustworthiness.

Make your lady love go crazy for you even more! 



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