CORSICA: The Beautiful Wild Island in France!

“Everything here is simpler, purer, and more flavourful.”

All those who have watch Bollywood movie ‘Tamasha’, might have loved its scenic locations from the depth of their hearts. That beautiful place is ‘Corsica’, it’s a beautiful wild island situated in France.  

Located in the west of the Italian Peninsula, Corsica is really gorgeous place in the midst of the blue water called the Mediterranean Sea. This island has very scenic location and the weather there is loveable (27 degrees Celsius in summer and 13 degrees Celsius in winters). Hence, it’s an ideal location for the travel lovers.

Ideal Month to travel are July-September as the weather there is so pleasant. For all those who are addicted to hiking must go to hike the mountains – Monte Cinto, Lac De Melu among others.

Food: Food there in Corsica is a really serious thing. It’s the heart and soul of that place. As Corsica is an island, Seafood is most popular over there.

One can watch the beautiful vintage Corsican homes and ancient churches. Corsica became the first French land liberated during the Second World War. Citizen of Corsica called Corsicans have maintained their own culture and dignity. This beautiful island is the best example of ‘Unity in diversity’. People here speak their own language that is Italian.

This Island is on the top of my bucket list and I know after seeing these mesmerizing pictures it will be in your travel list too.





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