Check Out the Myths and Truths Related To Mineral Oil

Do you know about ‘Mineral Oil’ as a cosmetic product?

If no, then I will tell you about how it is derived and its effects on your skin. Mineral oil is a natural ingredient which is derived from a resource of earth which is petroleum. This natural ingredient is extensively used across all the industries around the globe.

Well, the refined and filtered mineral oil is also used as a beauty product. It has been in the cosmetic world for more than 100 years because of its light, inexpensive and odorless characteristics.

But even after used as a skin care product, many people advice to avoid mineral oil completely.

Do you want to know why so? And is it good for your skin?

However, cosmetic brands use a particular grade of mineral oil which is healthy on skin. This oil has a highly moisturizing effect on skin and therefore it is a skin softening ingredient. It basically blocks in the moisture and thus leaves our skin hydrated for a long period.

But mineral oil has some cons as well. As per the experts, mineral oil blocks the topmost layer of the skin making it suffocates. I would suggest you to use branded products and don’t forget to do a patch test to check any kind of side effect on your skin.

Let’s get into some of the myths and truths related to Mineral oil!

Mineral oil is rich in hydrogen and carbon which are said to be non-permeable. Also paraffin and petroleum are other known hydrocarbons which cause the bad image of Mineral oil. It can further contaminate your body, which is why its use in skin care and cosmetic products is hotly debated.

Mineral oil spreads easily, has a highly moisturizing effect on your skin, and leaves it feeling smooth. All of this happens on the surface of the skin as it cannot seep through its layers. It locks in moisture, creates a barrier so that moisture does not escape, and leaves your skin hydrated for extended periods. However, this is a double-sided sword as some aestheticians argue that it blocks the topmost later of skin and suffocates it.

Read below!

1. Blocked Pores-

Almost every cosmetic product contains small quantity of mineral oil. It is said that mineral oil block skin pores. But the truth is mineral oil protects the top layer of your skin and keeps it moisturized. Also this oil cannot penetrate in your skin, that’s why it clogs your pores.

2. Mineral Oil Causes Cancer-

According to some people, mineral oil is carcinogenic (which means it has the potential to cause cancer). But if we consider what experts have to say then it is just a myth. Also there are no published reports in any of the dermatological or medical journals indicating a link between mineral oil and any forms of cancer.

Mineral oil is quite heavy and this characteristic doesn’t allow it to penetrate in your skin. It settles on your skin’s surface and creates a film to lock in moisture. Thus, it washes off easily with cleansing procedures.

3. Mineral Oil Is Synthetic-

As I already mentioned above, mineral oil is derived from deep inside Earth’s crust, so it is completely natural. But for cosmetic purpose, this oil goes through multiple stages to get refined. So its derivation is natural but its end result makes it synthetic.

4. Treats Acne and Inflammation-

Well yes, this oil spreads easily and hydrates your skin. But it does not have any antioxidants, vitamins, or amino acids that can treat any skin issues. However, it is alright to use it on acne-prone skin. Just keep a regular check on your skin for few days to see how it reacts.

5. It Robs Off the Vitamins-

Many people assume that mineral oil will pull out the vitamins from your skin. But there are no scientific prove of that. Also there are no such effects of mineral oil on the vitamin levels in your skin.

In the end the only advice I would like to give you is to keep an eye on the ingredients in the products that you are using.

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