Big Shock For Jio Users, Know The Reason

It seems that more than 800 popular porn websites in India have been banned in India. Last month, Uttrakhand High Court had ordered Govt. to ban the 857 websites with adult content. The Bench had ordered: “Unlimited access to these adult sites is required to be blocked to avoid an adverse influence on the impressionable minds of children.”

The Bench had also said that if any ISP failed to ban adult content, then their license will be snatched, and they would be asked to stop their services. As per Section 25 of the Information Technology Act 2000, the license of ISPs can be finished.

It is possible that popular porn sites in India have been other service providers too. This could be in response to a directive from Department of Telecom (DoT).

Meanwhile, some users are talking about shifting to Airtel and Vodafone to access such adult content, but soon, they would too ban these websites.


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