Best Places For Waffle Lovers In Jaipur!

Dessert is a must after having a delicious food. And currently Jaipurites are obsessing over ‘Waffles’. So we have short listed a few places for you where you can have the best waffles in Jaipur. From Red Velvet to Nutella, Chocolate and what not, you can find them all at these amazing spots!



Located near Malviya Nagar, the ‘Belgian Waffle Co.’ serves you some of the best waffles in Jaipur including their famous Red Velvet waffle.



Visit this place to taste some of the best varieties of waffles like Nutella Waffle, Bubblegum Waffle, Belgian Chocolate Waffle, Samurai Salted Caramel and Blueberry Creamcheese.



If you have a sweet tooth, then must visit the ‘Molly Moo’ café in C-scheme. It’s a new trending ice cream parlor with wide options for desserts and shakes for the Jaipurites. It serves delicacies like a waffle, waffle sticks, rolls etc. You'll also find charcoal ice cream and cone.


The taste is excellent and the ambience is also equally amazing. For all the ice cream lovers Molly moo is one of the best options to hop on! Waffle Sandwich and Charcoal Ice-cream is a must try here!



Located near New Sanganer Road, this place serves some of the most delicious waffles in town. ‘The Eclectica’ needs to be on the top of every hardcore waffle lover.


Their Nutty Chocolate Waffles, Nutella Waffle, Kit Kat Waffle, Rochers Waffle, Oreo Waffles and Mix Chocolate Waffles will make you astonished.




Cafe quaint is situated inside JKK (Jaipur Kala Kendra) it's a small cafe but they have great coffee which could instantly make your tiredness go away. Since, the place is in a corner, you can have quite time all by yourself or with your loved ones.  


They have a drool-worthy menu of sweet and savory waffles. From Chocolate waffles, Salted caramel, Nutella strawberry, Eton mess (strawberries and cream), Banoffee waffle, Raspberry and chocolate waffle, Spinach and mushroom waffles or Southern-style fried chicken waffles, they have a huge variety of waffles. You can even say they have a ‘Waffle World’!




Have you ever heard or imagined waffles in dome-shape? Well, there is a place in Jaipur serves delicious dome-shaped waffles. ‘Quyu’s Café’ in Vaishali Nagar have delish Belgian Chocolate Waffle, Vanilla Waffle and Chocolate Dome Flambe. They have crazy Activated Charcoal Waffle served with Ice- Cream of your choice. This place is definitely needs to be on your list!





Kaleidoscope serves crispy yet soft yum tempting waffles that will give you multiple foodgasms. Gorge onto their Nutella and Banana Waffle, Very Berry Waffle and Belgian Waffles which are loaded with goodness. Every single bite of them will make you feel like in heaven. Head towards this place to have some drooling waffles.

Waffle Mania-

Another dessert cafe with such cool vibes and welcoming ambience is ‘Waffle Mania’. This little place is more of a kiosk that has scrumptious waffles for your everyday desert cravings. The seating area isn't really adequate but is sufficient for a small group.



Being a typical desert specializing cafe, they've kept a lot many options in the menu keeping in mind the basic concept of amalgamating the wafflicious essence in different forms and with different techniques. The #SandwichWaffles, available in oreo, Nutella, banana and strawberry flavour require a distinct mention. Apart from this, they've been beautifully acing at the Nutella preparations with vanilla ice cream and waffle chips topped to make the experience droolsome. 








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