Best Beauty Sleep Tricks For You

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One of the best ways to get an effective beauty regime is the Beauty Sleep!

Sleep is said to be one of the major factor to get a healthy mind, body and soul. We all sleep, either for once or twice a day, but only few are expert in having a proper sleep every day. Eight hours sleep per day is a must. But are you able to get your best beauty sleep tricks? If no, then here is the perfect bedtime regime for you to get an absolutely best beauty sleep Tricks of your life. You will not only wake up feeling fresh the next morning but also get that glowing skin that you always wished for!


Read these few tricks!

1. Download Sleep Apps-

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If you are suffering from INSOMNIA, then there are several apps that can help you get rid of this problem. These apps will not only let you fall asleep peacefully but they offer a number of soulful and relaxing sounds that make it easy to keep your mind at rest.


2. Scented Candles-

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A fragrance full aura helps to get a good sleep in just few minutes only. Pick aromas like scented candles, incense sticks and other kinds of aromas which can instantly make you feel calmer and more relaxed. I would prefer for scents like lavender, jasmine, and sandalwood!


3. Humidifier in Bedroom-

When we fall asleep, our body gets dehydrated which results in loss of vital moisture. To help prevent skin dehydration, run a humidifier in your bedroom. It makes the less air less dry and, therefore, gentler on your skin. For the best hydration results, turn on the humidifier after you apply a night cream.


4. Face Massager

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Your skin definitely needs proper blood circulation and a face massager is a perfect choice for that. Also it acts like a source of your skin workout before going to bed.  Use the face massager especially under your eye area, cheeks and forehead. Get a firmer and tighter skin by massaging your face every day.


5. Silk Pillowcases-

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Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help your skin stay healthy and smooth and can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. It also allows your skin to breathe and cause less friction between your skin.


6. Sip off Tea-

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Sipping a cup of tea before going to sleep can help in soothing your mind and relax your muscles. But it is suggested to stay away from Black Tea as it contains caffeine!


7. Pajamas-

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Get yourself comfortable cotton or silk pyjamas! You are more likely to get better sleep if you will wear an easy-breezy fabric during night sleep.


8. Eye Mask-

Sleep masks are great to induce a sleepy state due to the fact that our brains sense the darkness and produces melatonin which is also known as the chemical of sleep.


9. Breathe Deep-

Experts also say that practicing deep breathing technique before sleeping puts you in the right frame of mind and body to help you fall asleep faster. This breathing method slows your heart rate and gives your mind something to focus on other than the stresses of the day. 

Now you know the secrets of getting Best Beauty Sleep Tricks! *wink*

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