Gone are the days; when TRAVELLING was considered to be a boy’s thing altogether! Nowadays, Women are beginning to make the most of NOVEL TRAVELLING EXPERIENCES and EXPERIMENTS and it’s gonna prove a wonderful thing. 


TRAVELLING makes you EXPLORE life; like no other thing can do! 


Recently; ANURADHA BENIWAL penned down a BOOK depicting about the journeys she’s made in various countries of EUROPE. It’s noticeable that ANURADHA has been a CHESS CHAMPION and for long; exploring SOLO – TRAVELLING as well. 

Title of the BOOK appeals you firstly; AZADI MERA BRAND. Doesn’t it!


The TRAVELOGUE is a worth – reading collection of the experiences; ANURADHA has gone through as a SOLO WOMAN WANDERER and how did it make her feel!


Unconventionally brought up, home-schooled, ex-national chess champion ANURADHA currently lives in London. She teaches CHESS in LONDON for living and writes about her day-to-day experiences in a foreign country!


ANURADHA opines about her BOOK;


My book is about wanderlust, and I want to expose the myth that Europe is expensive and the world is unsafe to travel for women," 

"I wish that women, not the rich women who go to hotels with swimming pools, but those from the lower middle class also could travel outside (India) and understand how cheap it is to travel the entire world.


"They would know how kind, beautiful and safe the world is. So, this book is all about encouraging common people to travel,"

"The world is not very safe for women and not ideal, but that doesn't mean they (women) should remain in their homes only. When a woman stands in a bus-stop alone it is unsafe for her, but once 50 ladies stand in a bus-stop together, they are safe. So, women should come out to make the country safer for themselves.”

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