4 International Places For The Food Lovers To Binge!

The love for food among many humans is unbelievable. Foodies believe in travel from places to another to complete their bucket list. Being a foodie what I believe is that the people who eat freely are the happiest people in the world. For the foodies, food is whole and sole inspiration for them that push them a step ahead to travel.

So today I am disclosing 4 international places where you can simply relish your taste buds!



1. India





We Indians are born foodies. People here either live for food or eat food to live! Like its diverse culture, there is a lot of diversity in Indian food as well. From sweet to spicy to can have it all here. In India food is really a serious business.



2. Paris





Paris is a dream gateway for food, romance and shopping! It is the ultimate destination everyone who love food n romance deeply. Paris is among the best cities for food. It is called as ’Mecca’ for bread, wine, and cheese lovers.



3. Mexico




Extremely delicious, ‘Fish tacos’ has got its popularity from San Felipe. Sen Felipe is considered among the best cities for food. Mexican sea food is a blessing for the fish lovers and if you are one than the fish tacos here is truly heaven on earth and are extremely tasty.



4. Italy





I have saved the last for the best and it’s Italy! As we all know Italy is the birthplace of Pizza and trust me there is nothing better than a fine crust Pizza! Also known as the ‘Sacred Temple of Pizza’, Pizzeria da Michele in Naples is known to be the home of the authentic Neapolitan Pizza - which contains tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, and olive oil, baked for 6-90 seconds at 485 degrees celsius on a stone oven over an oak wood fire.

The tragedy is that we have got one life and it’s too short to taste the flavors the world has to offer but one can make it easy by choosing from the best ones!



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