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Ultra Fashionable Celeb Looks From The VMAs 2018!

MTV Music Video Awards 2018 took place on the August 20 but the buzz from the awards is still on its peak! So, Today I am going share the 5 most fashionable and outstanding looks from the VMAs! Have a Look!

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Hollywood Celebs And Their Tattoo Tales!

Love for tattoos is so common these days. We have seen many Hollywood celebs sporting varieties of tattoos on their body parts which clearly show their love for getting inked! Here we are decoding the tattoos of various popular Hollywood celebs which can even turn up as your ‘Ink Inspiration’.

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The COSTUME INSTITUTE GALA at NEW YORK’s Metropolitan Museum of ART is considered to be the biggest event of FASHION world. First held in 1948; it brings celebrities from the realms of FASHION / FILM / MUSIC and ART together to celebrate the grand opening of it’s exhibition. Every edition of MET GALA is focused upon a specific theme; and this year’s exhibition theme is – HEAVENLY BODIES: FASHION and CATHOLIC IMAGINATION.